• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 29th, 2018

My heart is grieved by all that I see taking place throughout the world. The desire for power and influence is running roughshod over My people. Truth, character, integrity and justice seem to have almost vanished. Evil does seem to be reigning in so many instances. Yes, I have spoken of this in My Word, and it has existed many times throughout history, and man has not learned from it and how not to repeat it. One group believing themselves to be right try to suppress and over take another group. This is not only happening in the secular world, but it is happening in families who feud over insignificant things and stop seeing or talking to each other. If a small group of people cannot get along then how can villages, towns, cities and nations get along. How many of you have made inner vows that you will never speak to a person again or never forgive them? How many of you have said that you will never trust a specific person or perhaps a whole gender (men/women)? Have you made those vows and forgotten them? Those vows will keep you locked into that mind set unless you repent of them and allow Me to change your heart. My Word also says to not let any root of bitterness spring up and cause many to be defiled. At a given point in your life have you judged someone on their behavior or attitude especially your parents or caregivers not recognizing that the law of sowing and reaping comes into effect and what you have judged them for will come back to you in your own life? Often this takes place as a child and then is forgotten, but it is now set in motion and can only be stopped by taking it to the cross and repenting of it. You may have judged your parents for being lazy or mean and end up with a mate who is lazy or mean. The list of things that could exist are endless. Review your life and ask Me to show you the inner vows that you have made, and the bitter root judgements that have influenced your life and are interfering with your destiny.

I hear so many of you praying, “What is my destiny?” Destiny is a process that takes years to reach. My Son took thirty years to develop and then fulfilled it in three. So many of you are not willing to put in the time or effort to progress in your destiny. You want it now! It doesn’t work that way. Your destiny may only be one moment at a given place that will change a life, create a movement or change the course of history. The people that do these things are often prepared for a lifetime. I did not use Moses until he was eighty. Even after Paul’s conversion, he spent years in preparation. I do not give great and difficult tasks to those who will not pay the price. I must first develop and test a person’s heart and character. The world thinks that power can be gotten by any means, but it is not true in My kingdom. Power and authority are given to those who truly seek Me and My ways and desire to do My will. I am pouring out a greater anointing and power on many of My servants whom I pray will use it well and not be destroyed by it or destroy others with it.

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