• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 22nd, 2018

Chaos and confusion reign in the political domain. Each side fighting for power and control in order to dominate their given arenas. It has gone on since the beginning of time. One nation rises only to be conquered or ruled by another and that nation is overtaken by yet another. War and rumors of war are always in the air and the people, not the leaders, are the ones that suffer. The people lose their children in the battles and bombs obliterate them. Children and women become the shields for so called brave soldiers who have no true honor but yet fight in the name of honor and freedom and only bring death and destruction. Man’s desire for dominance has existed since the beginning of time and exploited the innocent and been directed by the evil one to destroy My plans to bless and prosper My people. The wealth of a few has sought to influence the laws of the land to create influence in business, education and government. The average person has been manipulated and controlled by these entities as they live and work to survive. Tolerance is being preached while intolerance is practiced by the entities seeking power. Truth, honor, and integrity are hard to find being practiced. Much is about to change and quickly as I undermine and destroy the plots at hand to the surprise of many.

Those who have sought to destroy My move to set people free from tyranny and prosper them will soon be themselves running and hiding to save their own lives. Food is a precious commodity that in America has existed in abundance with easy access and affordability. A time is coming when this will not be so. That is hard for many to imagine, but it will be so. So much food is wasted on a daily basis, and yet in America’s richness many go hungry and few even give it a second thought. What are you doing about your brothers and sisters going hungry? What sacrifice are you willing to make to improve their situation? Remember, when you do it unto the least of these you do it unto to Me. Give to the poor and hungry and I will bless you.

The enemy is after your young people because I desire to use them to take My message of salvation, healing and deliverance to the world. They have not yet been brainwashed by religion and false doctrine, but they are being attacked by drug use believing that nothing is going to happen to them. A spirit of suicide and murder has been released in given areas of America. Death, drugs and jail are decimating our young people while stress, abuse, debt and divorce are attacking other parts of the population. I cry peace, healing and rest from strife. Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. I will guide and direct you and touch every area of your life. Trust Me and rest in Me.

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