• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 15th, 2018

I see your heart. I know your thoughts, and I follow your actions. You are Mine. I created you, and I watch over you and I speak to you through My Word and My prophets. A prophecy is a promise. Its fulfillment is often contingent on the choices that you make as to whether you are going to obey My Word and not sin. What prophecies are you still waiting to see fulfilled? There is a set time in which these are to be fulfilled. I never take away your freedom to choose. I have a perfect will for you which will give you the greatest blessings for your life. If you choose differently, I can still use it for your good. Choose carefully. Where do you stand in your walk with Me? Do you sense My presence with you or do you feel as though I am not with you? I am always with you, but there are times that I do test you in order to prepare you for a greater assignment. Sometimes these tests reveal your true nature to Me and to yourself. You are purified in hard times, not when everything is going well. Do you believe that you need to be perfect so that I can use you? I use the weak and foolish things of this world to accomplish My purposes. Who would have ever chosen Saul to be My disciple and write much of the New Testament --- not man? Perhaps you see yourself as too inadequate to be used by Me --- great, now I can use you because it is Me doing it through you and not you doing it.

Floods and more floods have come to America which are a sign of cleansing and a way of rebuilding and reevaluating. Both the goodness of man toward his neighbor is shown but so too the evil that loots and price gouges. I love America, and I love her people, but I hate her sin and unrepentance. Why have people so hardened their hearts that they refuse to see their sin and justify it to themselves with the belief that it must be all right because everyone is doing it? Sin always has consequences if it is not repented of. These may come quickly or be delayed. The consequences may be brief but painful or they may last a lifetime. I can and will redeem every situation if you ask Me to and allow me to intervene. When you humble yourself then I can raise you up.

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