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Prophetic Word - September 8th, 2018

You have a destiny which has been recorded in heaven and was set in motion before you were born. You, by your choices, will determine whether or not that you fulfill that destiny. I place people and situations in your life to help you see your destiny and choose to follow it. The enemy too knows your destiny and will do everything in his power to keep you from it. He will give you the things: money, power, position and even a spouse, that will take you away from your destiny rather than toward it. Not everything that seems like a blessing is ultimately one if it is not from Me. Ask Me for direction for every part of your life.

Look at the world stage. What is taking place? A struggle for dominance of areas of the world. Previous empires are trying to be recreated by men who have envisioned themselves restoring and leading them. Soon, several of these will be toppled by economic circumstances beyond their control. The young people who do not wish to be oppressed in order for these men to accomplish their visions will rebel and bring down their governments. Women who have been oppressed under some of these regimes are soon to arise and say “no” to the position of second class citizens. The next decade is going to see the end of many social norms and the rise of women and young people. Dreams of freedom and change have been placed in their minds and hearts.

Obama shall rise only to fall and be convicted of the plots he set in motion to undermine freedom and democracy. His dream to be the head of the United Nations will not come to fruition. Neither will it come to pass for Bill Clinton. The

Clinton era is over and the Clinton machine is about to implode and those who are a part of it will be revealed and dealt with. Jezebel like, Hillary, is about to meet her fate. Pray for her salvation. As their empire, the Clintons, topples it will crack open many hidden schemes and plots throughout the world.

Money has been used to create power and influence for thousands of years and for the last two hundred, it has shifted power and positions throughout the world. That is soon coming to an end. The banks and the banking systems throughout the world which have controlled the world’s economy are going to be dissolved one by one and a new system will replace them and it is not going to be a new world order. Pray that I restore freedom and order to the economies that are in turmoil in the various countries so that true freedom can exist.

There is not just one senior official who is a traitor who thinks that he is a hero. There are several, and they will be exposed for what they are. I have placed Trump in office and I will protect him from all who seek to destroy him. The effort to topple him and end his presidency is about to come to a swift end. I will deal with all those who are guilty of trying to do this. Watch and see.

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