• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 18th, 2018

Today is a significant day as a great shift is about to take place. The enemy has been working hard to try to deceive My people with a message that is leading them astray. Many are claiming that one no longer needs to repent for their sins, that it was all taken care of on the cross. Yes, all forgiveness was earned by My Son’s death but just as salvation and healing need to be appropriated; chosen by My children, so forgiveness needs to be requested from a heart that knows it has done wrong and wants forgiveness. In the prayer that My Son taught people to pray, it even states; Father forgive me as I have forgiven others, so the one is

purporting to be conditional on the other. Without repentance and forgiveness, the enemy has open access to believer’s lives to sow devastation and destruction.

The cry for revival has gone out across the land and is being heard and echoed. I am raising up men and women of God to proclaim it, sow into it and wait for the harvest that is to come. There is to be no rivalry regarding the movement as it will be multifaceted and each facet will have several leaders working in unity to accomplish what I have declared. Intercession will be key to its speed and effectiveness. In general, I am accelerating kingdom events and the battle between good and evil forces is intensifying naturally and in the spirit realm as well.

The floods that are being experienced in many places is a call for cleaning throughout the land so judgement can be averted. Man tends to look at the weather and says that it is a natural event and does not tie any spiritual significance to it. This is a mistake for I speak to My people in many different ways.

There is a trembling coming. Listen for the sounds in the earth, in the spirit and in politics. It is saying, “wake up to all that is taking place”. Do not be so caught up in your everyday lives that you are missing the things that I am trying to warn you about. You need to pay attention so that you can hear Me over all the noises that are being sounded to distract you. Many alarms are being sounded to warn you. Listen!

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