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Prophetic Word - August 4th, 2018

Look around you and listen to what is going on --- division and chaos taking place in nations, governments, families, relationships and even churches. This is the enemy creating division so that he can divide and destroy. He has made many people believe that he doesn’t exist. The deception began in the Garden of Eden and has gone on since then. You look at people and judge them not recognizing that it is evil working through them, and they are not even in touch with that. You feel justified in your actions and go on to do it every day believing that your judgement is accurate and protective. How is the enemy at work in your life? How has he separated you from others? Does he tell you that you don’t need to answer to anyone else for your actions that you are free to do whatever you want regardless of how that affects others? Children are to honor their parents. Husbands and wives are to respect and love one another. Citizens are to obey the laws of the nation that they are a part of. Everyone will ultimately answer to Me for what they say and do. Stop and take a look at your behavior and who or what is directing it. I judge nations and governments too.

I am about to intervene in many areas of the world. To some of my prophets, I have revealed My judgements against people and areas of great evil. These prophets are being attacked because of what they have said by those who do not believe that I am exercising judgements. Again, division is brought into the body of Christ. Why are there so many of you who feel free to judge one and another and declare to the world your opinions? Am I not capable of dealing with false doctrine and teaching? I do use prophets to declare correction to people, churches, governments, nations and other prophets. I do correct those who truly seek to know Me and My ways but many are not listening or are not willing to see the error of their ways. They have been blinded by the enemy. Evil is real and operates as principalities and powers over cities, nations, governments, people and even churches.

Baal of the Old Testament that sought to destroy Israel is still very much alive and at work today. Every ounce of innocent blood that is shed feeds his power. Just as in the Old Testament people sacrificed their children to appease the gods. Through abortion, the same thing is happening, but this time people think that it is their choice. I created life and I alone should determine when it begins and ends. This issue has been used by the enemy to create a great division in America just as slavery did more than a century ago. Stop allowing division to enter any part of your life. Cry out to Me to be delivered from anything (any spirit) that is not My spirit in you, and I will deliver you.

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