• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 28th, 2018

Have you been deceived? Yes, you have because much of what is written is not the truth, but the truth will be uncovered and much that you believed was a lie. My Word is the truth but so few read it or believe it or experience its power. It is a living Word that when it goes forth accomplishes My purposes. When the truth is revealed, it will change the perspectives of many. The world would have you believe that there is not absolute truth, that is so that it can mold you into a person that believes what they are telling you and thereby control you and your behavior. Many who have tried to tell the truth that they know have been silenced.

Soon there are going to be many things that have been hidden away by the Vatican that will be discovered and made public. There are going to be discovered artifacts and writings from ancient times that will tell a different story of history than the one that we have been told. There are other scrolls besides the Dead Sea Scrolls that will be found. Man has distorted much in order to remain in a position of power and control. Have you ever asked yourself who really is behind what takes place in the world? Who or what really created ISIS? Are you all just players in a giant game? Those who neither know or fear Me think so and act so. As I have said before, there is a great shaking coming and anything that can be shaken will be shaken. Get ready! Look at Me for guidance to get through this time. Trust Me in spite of all that you will see going on.

There is an underground Christian movement going on in nations that you would never suspect. Nations where the largest part of the population is under 30. I am preparing this younger generation to rise up and say “enough of things as usual” with continued suppression and starvation. I am raising up men and women into positions of leadership who will be honest, God loving and God fearing. The governments of the world will not put their puppets in office and then pull the strings. I shall be the one in control. When I open a door, no man will be able to control it. The net is about to drop and gather all those in power who are corrupt and have believed that they would never be caught or prosecuted. Justice will rule.

It is time for women to arise and allow Me to use them in many areas of ministry. I have called many men who have not answered the call so now I will raise up women to take their place. Men are natural authority figures, but I have endowed women also with many spiritual gifts and abilities and who walk in great obedience and favor. Women are not second-class citizens, and they should not be treated as such nor should they settle for such. All My children should seek to serve Me in unity for in that there is power. Together men and women working in unity and cooperation can accomplish great things for the kingdom. Amen.


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