• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 8th, 2018

Rejoice for I am on your side. It may seem as though all is against you but fear not the battle is yours. The victory has already been declared in heaven and will manifest on earth. Though you feel weak, overpowered and afraid, because I am with you, you shall be strengthened, strategic and victorious. No one ever really wants to fight but because evil exists, until it is utterly destroyed, there will be battles to fight and wars to be won, both spiritually and physically. Whose side are you going to be on?

Almost nothing is as it appears because man looks at it from his perspective, and I look at if from a heavenly one. I know the beginning and the end of each situation and if you listen to Me I can direct you through each one so that you are protected and survive. Your flesh will try to make you choose things that will satisfy it, but that will be a path that leads to destruction. I know that some things in your life seem impossible but not for Me. Timing is a key part of all that happens and you need to ask Me to show you when and how to move. Some of you are waiting when it is time to move and some of you are moving when it is time to wait. Precision in all things is critical. Literally, a minute in time can make the difference between life and death. If you feel a hesitancy, it may also be Me. Stop for a moment and seek My guidance when you feel these things. If you miss an opportunity for any reason, ask Me to give you another one. Most times this is possible but not always. Value your time and use it wisely and know that there is a time to live and a time to die.

This country is in a time of grace which will only last depending upon the choices that people make. Yes, I can intervene but it is as a result of the prayers of My people and My will being accomplished. Do not turn a blind eye to what is going on for it is a spiritual battle that must be fought. The enemy is a spirit that creates chaos and twists things to appear differently than they really are. Open your spiritual eyes so that you can see what is truly going on and choose to fight in the battle. You do not fight it alone. I am with you and will guide and direct you.

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