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Prophetic Word - June 23rd, 2018

The pot is being stirred by the enemy so that the focus is on immigration while child trafficking is growing throughout the world. Some of those who were going to reveal the extent of pedophilia rings in this country have been silenced. My children are under attack through abortion, pedophilia and abuse. The body parts of fetuses aborted are being sold and no one is crying out. It is time for the church to arise and take a stand. My commandment is that thou shall not kill/ murder. Abortion is murder and I call my followers not to participate in it and to pray against it and speak out against it. My commandments should still be the guidelines for your life. Yes, My Son fulfilled the law, but you are called to lead a holy life and that life is surrounded by the guidance of My commandments and My written word. Yes, you have a free will to choose, but you also daily fight the battle between your flesh and your mind and your spirit. Your spirit will speak the truth to you as will My Word. The other voice that you are tempted to listen to is not the enemy but your own flesh and the fears that try to deter you from the path that you are meant to be on.

Many of you have been given dreams and visions to help you to choose the right course of action. How do you know if they are from Me? Test them and compare them to My Word. Do they line up with My Word and laws? If so, follow the direction that they are taking you. Ask Me to confirm to you several times the message in the dreams and visions. Know that I give dreams about your life to you to inspire you to go in a direction that you might otherwise not consider. Sometimes you will dismiss these dreams, but I ask you not to as they are speaking of the plans that I have for you that seem far beyond your own imagination of what is possible for you to do.

Pray more and change the course of your life, the lives others and even events in the world. When a person comes to your mind several times, start to pray for them and contact them to make sure that they are alright. You are part of one body, and I use the members of the body to respond to other member’s needs. Even if someone is a long distance away, it doesn’t matter because there is no distance in the spirit and your prayers can instantly affect outcomes in a person’s life. Your prayers can also impact the spiritual battles that are taking place in the heavens. Ask Me to send My angels to intervene in these battles and allow for victory.

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