• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - June 16th, 2018

I am your heavenly Father who knew you before you were even born. I chose the family that I put you in. Perhaps, you do not understand why I put you in the family that I did. Someday, when the whole plan of your life is revealed, you will come to understand the piece that you played in the generational plan that I had for all your family members. There have been times because of the things that you have been through that you have questioned why I allowed negative events to happen to you. Because there is free will and each person’s capacity to choose between good and evil, many negative things happen to each of you. My promise to you has been and is that I will never leave you, and to those who obey My commandments and are called that I will work all things together in your life for good. The timing and final results require your participation and patience. I am a good and loving father who knows you inside and out and chooses to love you unconditionally. I know your sins, your weaknesses, your fears, and your capacity to deal with all the struggles of life and choose to bring blessing upon blessing out of all of these for you.

The world scene is about to change dramatically in ways that you will not see outwardly but will begin to experience inwardly. The spiritual realm is ready to battle the forces of evil that have ruled the financial world for hundreds of years. All seems to be calm by outward appearances but this is not so. Whomever controls the financial world, tries and has controlled the secular world—choosing winners and losers that will benefit them financially. Many in the world have sold out to Lucifer believing that he is the one with power and influence to make them rich. Be careful not to fall into the same trap. Do not make money your god or what makes your decisions. I am your provider. Wealth is not your source of happiness. It is a tool that can bring blessing or a false sense of power. It cannot buy happiness or health. If used in a positive way, it can be a great method of bringing blessing and health to many. To each of you, I have given assets to use. How are you using them? If you do not sow into others, you cannot reap a multiplied blessing. Realize that you will not always reap from the same place that you have sown into. Your time and abilities are also gifts that you are to sow as well as your money. Ask Me what you are to be sowing and where to sow it, and I will tell you and give you the grace to do it so that you can be blessed.

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