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Prophetic Word - June 2nd, 2018

What life decisions are you facing--- changing your job, moving, having more children, deciding whom to marry? What about your relationship with Me? Are you going to work to create a more intimate relationship with Me or are you going to pull away or just try to maintain the status quo? Some of you because of fear are going to make wrong decisions because your fear is going to override what your spirit is trying to tell you. No decision is also a decision. Do you not believe that I have a plan for your life that was written before you were even born and that it is a plan that will bless you? Fear is the opposite of faith. Are you going to live in fear or in faith? Some decisions you only get to make once in our lives so that it is critical to make the right ones. You need to call upon Me to help you make the right decisions. There are many around you who will seek to give you advice but none know you or the future the way that I do. Ask Me to confirm what you believe I am telling you through mature spiritual leaders or proven prophets. Choose people who have no agenda for you except to see you fulfill your destiny. Timing is often critical for some decisions as doors in your life open and close and some may never open again.

The world around you many be influx, but I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There may have been spiritual dynamics at work that are now being dealt with that will change your life and that of your family and extended family. Know that I have placed you in a significant position in your family line to stand in the gap between your past generations and your future and future generations. There are many new revelations that are coming to the body of Christ that are setting people free and allowing them to no longer be bound by the sins of past generations or their own past actions and behaviors. Remember that you are unique—you have unique fingerprints – voice patterns, retina scans and a unique destiny and that I deal with you as a unique person. I do not bundle you with a group of people and deal with the group in the exact same way just as you are to see your children as unique and deal with them as such just as I deal with you. You may feel that I do not care about you and all that you are going through but nothing could be further from the truth. I orchestrated the creation of the universe down to the smallest detail. Do you think that influencing your life is too complicated for Me? Allow Me to show you each step that you are to take to reach your destiny.

First, surrender your will to Me and allow Me to be the Lord of your life. Second, release all your fears and negative emotions to Me. Third, allow Me to heal you by removing all the blocks to your healing; mainly any unforgiveness that you have and any outright sin in your life. Fourth, let go of your past wounds and do not let them define you. Fifth, believe that I love you and value you more than you can even imagine. Sixth, claim the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to accomplish all that His death appropriated for you. Seventh, trust Me and rest in Me and My goodness, mercy, love and forgiveness for you.

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