• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - May 19th, 2018

Are you for Me or against Me? Are you known by Me? Intimacy with Me should be your highest priority for in that place you shall experience many blessings, safety, knowledge and much revelation. You will be aware of Me and when you are in My presence and experiencing My glory, what a special place that will be. You have nothing to fear from Me. I know you intricately – every detail of your life and even your thought life. I am always with you and call upon My angels to watch over you and protect you day and night.

The world systems are about to change significantly so be prepared to shift with them. Many situations may be confusing and fearful, but you have nothing to fear. My justice is about to touch circumstances that have existed for a long time, but the time of My tolerance of them has drawn to a I close. I can no longer stand the cries of My people as they are starved, abused and killed throughout the world. Those who believe that they can hold power and rule as they wish with no consideration of how it affects their people are about to be dealt with in ways that they believe can never happen to them. All they need do is to look at the Old Testament and see how I dealt with kings and rulers. I allowed them to reign and used them to accomplish My purposes and left them to rule as long as I saw fit. Because many of today’s rulers do not know Me or fear Me what is about to happen to them will come as a surprise. They will not see My hand ready to move against them. All their security surrounding them will not keep Me from dealing with them even as they sleep. Justice is mine and I will repay. As this happens, there will be confusion and insecurity, but My people have nothing to fear.

I have been calling you to prepare for all that is about to happen, but many have not listened and will suffer. Look to the skies for in them you will see the signs of coming disasters – some man will create and some by My hand. These need to happen to bring people back to Me and turn and repent for their evil ways so that I can forgive them and this nation and heal the land. Mercy is what I desire to have but justice and holiness are also part of whom I am. Pray and cry out for this nation -- turn back to Me and My ways. Pray for all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

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