• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - April 29th, 2018

Words – words are critical. What are you confessing out of your mouth? Are you confessing what you will be living and dealing with? Are you proclaiming victory in every situation with My help? Are you claiming those things that you are battling as yours ---- poor health, aches and pains, all kinds of sickness or bad finances? By your words are you stopping blessings from coming to you? Stop and listen to your words, what are they saying? Could they be keeping ministering angels from helping you? Could they be stopping Me from answering your cries for help because they are speaking unbelief and lack of faith?

Great acceleration is taking place in many areas of your life which are going to challenge you to change or become irrelevant. I call you to grow and change in My ways not the world’s. Just because the world’s culture is changing and accepting certain behaviors does not mean that I am. Living together and not being married is not acceptable. Not taking responsibility for your actions is not acceptable. Seeking pleasure and fun and neglecting your children’s needs is not acceptable. Using your money and not supporting My work is not acceptable. Why I challenge you in these areas is because all of those choices will deny you the blessings that I have for you.

A spirit of division and control has been released by the enemy to separate families, churches, organizations and the nation. When there is division it brings destruction, unity brings success and increase. Each day you have a choice to be used by Me to be a blessing or be used by the enemy and cause destruction in some form. There is life and death not only in the tongue but also in your actions. Are you going to build up or tear down? Does it have to be your way or you won’t participate? Is your attitude one of a servant who will humble themselves to God, given leadership and authority or do you know better and want it your way? I place leaders in charge and I remove them. Trust Me about this.

The world scene is quickly changing so look to Israel to see what is happening there to get a sense of what may happen in the world. It is about to celebrate seventy years since its new birth and finally, Jerusalem will be its recognized capital by some. Behind the scenes, some of Israel’s enemies are choosing to recognize her and are no longer coming against her. The funds of her enemies are about to dry up significantly and her prosperity is about to increase dramatically. Israel will begin to lead the world in medicine and other technological developments. I am giving them revelation knowledge to bless them and all who bless them. Amen.

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