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Prophetic Word - April 21st, 2018

Jesus’ death and resurrection have released resurrection power into the world and into your lives not just to touch the spiritual aspects of your lives but also the natural ones. I am a God that does intervene on your behalf when you cry out to me. Will I answer in the way that you are expecting? Perhaps. Will I answer in the time frame that you would like? Perhaps, but My ways are higher than yours. You might settle for something far less than what I want you to have. There are many of you that have allowed your dreams and visions to die and don’t believe that they can be resurrected and live. My resurrection power knows no bounds. If your dreams and visions were from Me originally then there is yet hope for them. If they were from you and your flesh than better that they die.

The plans I have for you are plans that existed even before you were born, and you were born with all the gifts and abilities that you need to accomplish them. Look at the people that I chose to use that you read about in My Word. They were often uneducated, undisciplined, did everyday work and in Paul’s case were actually working against Me. My resurrection power transformed them into world changers that turned the world upside down with no money or worldly given power but their connection to Me and My Son was all that they needed to accomplish great things and so it shall be with you. Of course, this is not what the enemy wants to see happen so he is going to send stumbling blocks into your life. Things that may outwardly look good but will ultimately take you away from your destiny – jobs, opportunities, wrong relationships – money. Ask Me to intervene and show you what I have for you so you can complete the work that I have given you to do. Do you want to be a world changer and one who brings many souls to Me? Ask for My resurrection power to touch you and every area of your life. Anyone can be used by Me if they desire to be – then watch and see what happens. No one is too old or young to be used by Me.

My earth is crying out and is ready to release disasters and destruction in many forms. Today, homes are warm and beautiful and provide safety and comfort. Tomorrow, they may be completely gone. Today, you can feel satisfied that your life is in good shape. Tomorrow, all that can be changed. All things in this world can be here today and gone tomorrow. Build your life on a solid foundation that cannot be shaken or disappear. Your life in Me is for now and eternity and will bring you through every trial and disaster. Seek to develop your life in Me so that you are prepared for whatever comes.

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