• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - April 7th, 2018

Much is hiding in the shadows hoping not to be uncovered but to no avail. I am exposing those things that are corrupt in politics, in the church and in your lives. The enemy would use secrecy to keep hidden many things, but I am uncovering all that is hidden so truth can be known and set people free. Many have chosen paths that lead to destruction but My path for you will lead to life and hope.

The earth is about to be shaken and spew forth that which lies beneath its surfaces. Yes, out of the earth and waters much will come forth and with it death and destruction. Man will say that it is nature, but it will be by My hand. First will come stirrings and rumblings and then suddenly the earth will quake as never before and there will be great devastation. Are you prepared for your life to be shaken? The enemy is releasing his forces in greater measure than ever before so prepare for spiritual war – not a battle but war. Ask Me to show you how to prepare and how to fight so you can be strategic about how to fight. Life is not going to be everything as usual. I have been preparing you for this time. You have been called and gifted for the time that you are living in. It is part of My plan for your life.

I call you to not grow weary in well doing especially to the household of faith. Many of My children are in great need and few are answering their cry for help. Are you not to be an example of love and mercy to the world? I have given to you not to keep for yourselves but to be a blessing to others. I will direct you in what to do and when to do it. All that you have I have given to you and asked you to be a good steward of it. Today, I am asking you to spend more time with Me so that you can grow in your relationship with Me and hear Me more clearly and be guided more.

Your prayers have been coming before Me and I am answering them speedily. I am placing upon the hearts of My intercessors that which they are to pray for so I can move to accomplish My plans and purposes. Fast if I call you to for this will allow you to be more in tune with Me. I will direct how you are to fast. I am releasing into the earth realm much knowledge of how to cure sicknesses, not just deal with symptoms. You will soon see many miraculous cures which will change many lives. Pray for these things to be revealed and not hidden by evil forces.

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