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Prophetic Word - March 10th, 2018

What is your mind set? Do you expect great things from Me and yourself, or are you settling based on your past experiences? I am about to stretch you and your faith. I am going to take you out of your comfort zone --- big time. I have given you dreams and visions and have had my prophets speak into your life and still within yourselves you are saying, “How can I do that? I am too old, or too young, too weak, too uneducated.” The list could go on. Who has put these limitations on you? Not Me! --- your society, your culture, your parents, your mates or yourselves? Much is about to happen both in the earthly realm and in the spiritual one. There are going to be explosions and eruptions in both of these realms which are going to create upheaval and change. Are you ready? I am going to use my servants to open heaven and keep it open through their repentance and obedience. There are amongst you those I have commissioned to do miraculous things. They are open to all that My spirit has for them. The churches will interact with them and reject them as too radical and perhaps even a little unstable mentally, but I will do miracles through them. I want you to say, “yes” to all that I want to do with you. So many of you are settling for the same as usual. You are not waiting for My choices for your life. You are picking jobs that I have not told you to take. You are living in places that I have not directed you to. You are marrying people out of convenience for fear that you will be alone. Stop making these choices for your destiny lies in My plans for your life. You need to trust Me in all things and not rush into major decisions for your life too quickly and without asking Me about them.

You may not have an understanding of why certain things have happened in your life, and you may never know, but know that I use all things for your good and for My ultimate purposes. Say you have gone through cancer and are in remission, you can now relate to others going through the same thing. Your struggles and difficulties make you someone that I can use to witness of Me to others. Jesus’ suffering and His actions allow people to relate to Him and try to follow His example of love, mercy and forgiveness. Some of you preach a great deal about the need to forgive and yet in your own hearts, still hold on to unforgiveness and don’t even realize that it is there.

Radical times are coming that are going to call for radical faith and radical actions. Repent, forgive and begin to ask for My directions for your life. Dream big. Step out in faith and believe that I can use you exactly where you are and who you are. My Son changed the world and so can you. Believe that and trust Me.

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