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Prophetic Word - March 4th, 2018

Move – counter move is the game that the enemy is playing in hopes of out maneuvering Me. Over the course of history, this has been and still is his strategic plan. However, he does not know the future and so his strategy is based on current and historical information. This is not enough to defeat Me and My plans for the earth.

World dictators are positioning themselves in various countries as they use political power to remain in office indefinitely. They have convinced themselves that they will dominate their countries for as long as they live, but therein lies their weakness. They presume that I either do not exist or that I will not intervene on behalf of the people. The course of history is decided by Me --- not them, unless I use them to accomplish My purposes.

Many have prophesied of a revival in a given area that will spread throughout the land and so it shall be. Some of my prophets are speaking of great blessings to America and others are crying out to be prepared for disasters. Why is it that you choose to believe that only one or the other prophecy is true? Why can’t both be true? The same is true for your lives. Can you not be blessed in some areas and struggle with hardship in others? I am a God who forgives and loves His children, but I am also a holy and just God. Repentance makes a way for your sin to be forgiven and forgotten by Me, but it doesn’t necessarily remove all the consequences of those sins. You have been wired with a heart and conscience that tries to keep you from sin, but when they fail; guilt, shame and condemnation are used by the enemy to drive you away from Me and My forgiveness. Out of every negative situation that you find yourself in, I can bring a blessing from it if you ask Me to and trust Me through the process. Out of Jesus’ death, I brought salvation, eternal life, healing and deliverance. You may be saying to yourself, “What possible good could come out of _____________________________.” You fill in the blank and wait to see what I will do with that situation but give Me time to accomplish that.

My son and faithful servant, Rev. Billy Graham, has come home to Me and so I now release into the world many evangelists who will pick up his mantle and carry it forward. For time is growing short, and there are many who need to hear the true Gospel, not a watered-down version. My Gospel comes with power and authority to change the hearts of men and to heal their souls. Mighty signs and wonders will follow them wherever they go. Amen.

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