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Prophetic Word - January, 13th, 2018

Time! My time and timing are not your timing. How do you spend your time? How much time do you have left in your life? Time is something that you can’t get back after you have used it and only I know how much time you have left. When you are waiting upon Me for the answer to a request, it may seem like it is taking a long time. My answers are never early or late but in perfect time. Many are saying that time is running out and that the end of the church age is coming. I have set things in motion that are about to happen and quickly. Many of my prophets are speaking about suddenlies because I have told them that there are going to be suddenlies. Acceleration in many areas is taking place, it is not just your imagination. Unfortunately, this means in good ways and in bad ways. The enemy knows that his time is growing short and is working harder and faster in trying to destroy and distort the message of the Gospel. He will not succeed but many will be deceived. Not all churches are teaching the truth and because people do not read and study The Word they do not know that they are being deceived. Even various Bible translations are omitting passages and their interpretations of words are not correct and paint a picture that is distorted. The church is in imminent danger of losing the true message of the Gospel. The death and resurrection of Jesus is the heart of the Gospel and that I will all men to be saved and come unto the knowledge of the truth and real relationship with Me and the Holy Spirit as well as with Jesus. Just because you go to church, have said the sinner’s prayer and been baptized does not mean that you are saved unless you truly believe that Christ died for you and now lives within you to help you become all that you are called to be. Each day I set before you choices for your life and how you will live it. Those choices will either bring you closer to Me or separate you from Me. Many of those choices are similar to the ones that people in the world make. You are to be in the world but not of it. It is not OK to live together outside of marriage. Your body is My temple and if you do such things, you are defiling My temple. The same is true if you participate in sex outside of marriage or with someone who is married to another person. Are you committing spiritual adultery? This is when you are emotionally attached to someone who is not your husband or wife and you share things with them that you should be sharing with your mate. The lines of sexual immorality have been blurred to the point that people do not realize that they are in sin and that there are consequences for this kind of behavior. Repent and turn away from these things.

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