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Prophetic Word - January 6th, 2018

2018 is a time of new beginnings. A time to let go of old disappointments and situations that are negative and pull you down and keep you from your destiny. If a door has closed in an area of your life, accept it and move forward. I knew that it was going to happen and have made a new way for you. Move forward and look for the new opportunities that are coming your way. Choose people to befriend that will help you to reach your destiny, not ones that will discourage you or make you question what I have said to you. Because people have free will, they may not choose My will for their lives so, they will hinder their destiny. What awaits you in 2018 --- many blessings or many struggles or both? What will be your response to these situations? Will you stand in faith and pray through the situation or will you grow discouraged, sit down and give up? You are in a spiritual battle. Life is not going to always go smoothly especially if you are trying to live your life the way that I am asking you to. I use struggles to develop your character and strengthen you so that no matter what you face that you will trust Me and My will for you. Things may not always make sense to you when they happen but afterwards, you will discover why they did happen. Why is being in a place of comfort so important to you that you allow your flesh to be appeased at the cost of fulfilling your destiny? I send you experiences that will help you develop in the ways that you need to so that when the enemy sifts you, that you will survive and grow. Do not complain when your life grows difficult and allow the enemy to convince you that I have forgotten you and don’t care that you are suffering. In this instant solution society that you live in, all answers do not come in a short period of time and may actually take years to come. Wait upon Me for I will answer your cries in the right time. Who are you listening to and taking counsel from? Before you heed their advice, take a look at their lives and the fruit of their relationships. Many can give you counsel but, few can give wise counsel that they have heard after they have sought Me in prayer. I am and should be your source of wisdom and counsel. Pray to Me until you get an answer to your questions or feel peace about the situation. Read My Word for it is alive and points to Me and My ways which are higher and purer than man’s ways. Seek Me and you will find Me.

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