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Prophetic Word - December 30th, 2017

The time has come for you to stop and take a look at your life before the new year begins. What choices have you made regarding relationships, jobs, places to live and where to go to church? Choices have consequences and some of you have made bad or wrong choices and are experiencing the consequences. How many of you prayed about these choices or did you do what your mind, pride or flesh said to do? It is time to begin or continue to pray about everything that you do --- even the littlest things. Some of you who are called apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers or evangelists are being led astray by your pride and flesh. Repent now so that all that the bad or wrong choices that you have made can be reversed and forgiven. I know that you are human and that the enemy comes against you in many ways, but if you have been called by Me to serve the body of Christ, you must die to the flesh and humble yourself so that I can continue to use you. If you do not, I will have to remove you and take away the anointing that is upon you. I cannot allow you to be used by the enemy to drive people away from Me.

Be prepared for changes that are coming. There are going to be suddenlies in your life and in the world. I have given many of you a great deal of time to do your thing but if you are to survive, you will need to do what I call you to do. A time of shifting and shaking has come. If you try to resist it, it will only become more difficult for you. Surrender to My will for your life --- NOT YOUR OWN. Die to your flesh, your comfort, your pride and your ego needs. You are going to be surprised by the people that I am going to raise up mightily --- people that you may look down upon. WHY—because they have been through so much that they have already died to their flesh and ego needs and now know that without Me they can do nothing lasting that will not be burned by the fire of My cleansing. I do these things because I love you and want you to be saved, blessed and used by Me for the kingdom work that needs to be done. Stop, look, change, repent, and turn back to Me and fulfill your destiny and be blessed by Me and let Me rejoice in what you are doing and how you are living.

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