• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 16th, 2017

Are you blessed? If so, are you being a blessing to others? Many of my sons and daughters are suffering and struggling this season. I have spoken to some of My children who have so much to give to those who don’t but My leadings have not been heard and responded to so My other children suffer. Many throughout the world lack the simple necessities of food and shelter and die as a result of this. Even when supplies are provided corrupt entities take the supplies and sell them and keep the money to enhance their own lifestyles. Do you think that I do not hear the cries of the children dying from starvation and their mothers as they hold these children? I also hear the cries of the children who go missing everyday and are sold into sex trafficking throughout the world. My heart is grieved by those who would do such things. Yes, even in the United States this takes place and it goes unreported. The internet has become a weapon used against children to attract them into a sinister web where they are caught and misused. When will the church rise up and pray against this and begin to fight for children?

Eat, drink and be merry is often people’s motto for they have worked hard and feel that they deserve a good time. And so, it was in Noah’s day until the rains started. Evil prevailed and grew worse by the day, and it appeared as if it would go on forever but then the rains came. Unless the nations of this world repent and turn back to Me, there will be not only rains but earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, drought and famines. When a nation and its leaders repent, then I will grant them a reprieve from judgement and not remove My hand of protection. Both the leaders and the people need to repent and soon before it is too late.

Time is coming to a close and is short so there is much work to be done to save as many as possible before it is too late. Soon I will be pouring out My spirit in a mighty way. I have released My angels to various parts of the world, and they are waiting on My command to complete whatever task that I give them. I call all my servants to ask Me what part that they are to play in these days. Many of you are running away from your destinies instead of toward them. How are you choosing to live your life --- for yourself or for Me? Check your hearts, attitudes and actions. Hear the cries of those in need and answer. Amen.

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