• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 2nd, 2017

Tensions are rising as the world sees unrest in many areas. Peace is what is lacking not only in nations but in families and in people’s hearts. My Son is the Prince of Peace so when you allow Him into your lives, hearts and situations you can find peace. Though many claim to want peace, they help to generate the lack of it by their need to be right, in power, or have the last word. Conflict is all around you and much of which you may have helped to create in various ways. How willing are you to compromise on issues or does it need to be your way? What unrealistic expectations or requests do you have of others? How much anger are you holding onto and how much unforgiveness do you have? My desire is to bless you and help you to know love, joy, happiness, health and peace. These are fruits that come from choosing a life that is lived and guided by the Holy Spirit. A life in which one dies to the flesh (self) and lives for Me and others. What seeds of blessing have you sown that can come back to you multiplied? What is the heaviness that you are carrying upon your heart this day? Surrender it to Me and ask Me to be at work in the situation. There is so much woundedness in the world that has been created from generations of hatred, division and lies. The enemy has worked hard to establish and sustain these conditions. What can defeat these things? Love and forgiveness --- These were and are demonstrated by those who call themselves sons and daughters of Mine. Many who have chosen this path have paid the ultimate price for doing so and are with Me and will be greatly rewarded for doing so.

I place before you today a challenge to begin to heal your broken relationships. Do not wait for the other person to make the first move. Do whatever it takes to bring reconciliation into your life. Ask Me what to do and when to do it and how to do it. Some will not be ready for this to take place so for those situations pray for that person and situation. Many of you have pulled back and walked away from people that love you and care about you out of hurt and stubbornness. Do you have so many people in your life that truly love and care about you that you can afford to let go of these people?

I love each of you. I care about each of you. I forgive each of you so do the same to each other. Amen.

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