• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - November 11th, 2017

I pick the foolish things of this world to accomplish My purposes so that the glory is Mine and people turn to Me for their needs, strength, support and salvation. Are you looking to find My vision for your life or your own? I called the disciples to be My servants and so I call each of you to have a servant’s heart. You need to be humble and not fight to position yourselves where others can see you and applaud you and what you do. I am the source of all that you need, and the source for everyone’s needs. Do I use humans to accomplish My purposes? Yes, those who truly seek Me and My ways. Many believe that they are doing what I want but most are wrong. They allow their beliefs and attitudes to structure My work and often offend others and drive them away from Me. I did not create denominations --- man did, and the enemy continues to use them to prevent unity in the body of Christ. Division is what the enemy tries to create in every venue that he can. I search the hearts of people to see whom I can use. The world looks for credentials and titles with little focus on the character of a person. Many will be surprised to see those who will have great rewards in heaven.

Many events that have occurred in the world have been influenced and changed by the prayers of people who quietly wake at night and then pray until the sun rises. Do not look to men and women as the source of leadership to follow. Yes, there are godly leaders, but I want you to come to Me for the answer that is right for you. In the times that are coming, it is critical that you hear My voice, and My instructions that will lead you on the right path. There will be many voices claiming to know what to do and many will be used to deceive you. Pride goes before a fall. Do not allow your ego to dictate your actions or emotions. If you are easily offended, then you need to check your heart and attitudes. If you raise yourself up, then I may need to humble you, but if you humble yourself then I can raise you up. My Son is the example of the heart and behavior of a true servant.

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