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Prophetic Word - November 5th, 2017

It is time to count the cost – for there is a cost if you choose to serve Me and there is a cost if you don’t. Many believe that they can wait until the end of their life and make a decision then not realizing all that could have happened that would have blessed them and given them favor with Me. I want my people to be a greater influence in the world not a lesser one. The more that the church looks and acts just like the world, the less ability it will have to influence and change the world. President Obama declared that America was no longer a Christian nation and did much to make that come true through his actions and legislation. President Trump has reversed some of this but as long as this nation defies biblical law and principles it stands in a position to be judged. I give warnings before My judgement comes but if those warnings are ignored and there is no repentance and change in behavior then will the judgements come. If Israel defied Me and worshipped idols and was judged, why would America believe that the same would not happen to them? America must repent or set in motion events that will bring death and destruction.

I am speaking through many prophets throughout the world and also calling their nations to repentance and change. Oh, that My people would hear and their hearts be changed. Much power has been given to believers to influence change and outcomes. I reveal to My prophets and intercessors exactly what to pray so that directions and impacts of events can shift. Pray and listen for much is about to happen. There is going to be a major political shift and those in significant positions will be taken out through elections, party influence, or sickness and death. To govern is a privilege that is given by Me but many have used this to abuse and dominate people, create power, negatively influence and selfishly grow wealthy. So, I shall remove them and any who believes that they are too entrenched to have this happen. They are in for a huge surprise. A nation that turns away from Me sets in motion a time frame of their own demise. Israel is one of the only nations destroyed that has been restored because it is My nation and the place that I will return to. I am coming soon, get prepared.

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