• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 28th, 2017

Come apart with Me, come away from your worldly activities and come into My presence. There you will find much of what you are seeking, and I will touch your soul and spirit. So many of you have soul wounds that have not healed that still affect you each and every day. All that you have tried has not been effective in healing them, and the wounds have become deeply rooted with anger and bitterness. What has produced these wounds --- disappointment, betrayal, offense, unforgiveness or generational issues. I have come to bind up and heal your wounds with My Son’s blood and My Love. Many wounds are created because of lack of love and caring from others. Most of My children have no real comprehension of the depth and breadth of My love for them. Because most people have only experienced conditional love, they find it difficult to believe or receive unconditional love. Their minds tell them that they must perform to receive love, please others and do what they want. People believe that they should love Me because of what My Son did for them, but they find it difficult to understand the level of love that I have for them exactly the way that they are. Those who have sought to be in My presence have begun to get a true sense of My love. Cry out to Me to experience more of My presence. I desire to spend time with you. The enemy is constantly creating turmoil and busyness in your life so that you don’t have time to be alone with Me. I am about to supernaturally touch people and heal them so that they know that My love is real.

I know that distance has been created by prayers that have gone unanswered in the time and way that was expected. Your prayers are ever before Me until the time for them to be answered. Some answers will come in a different form than you expected. I have heard your cries for your children and their needs but all the pieces to make the answer happen may still be in process. Your children may not desire the same things that you do. I cannot go against their will but must wait until prayers and circumstances change their minds. Be faithful in your prayers and love them exactly where they are and surrender them to Me who loves them even more than you do because My breath of life is in each one of them. You and they are a part of Me.

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