• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 21st, 2017

I want to take my people deeper to a more intimate relationship with Me. Do you want to see miracles and healings then you need to know Me more? You need to spend time with Me. The more of Me that you have the greater will be what I do through you. Pray, fast, listen so that you know My Word and My Ways. So many of My children know Me superficially --- just enough to be saved but not enough to do the supernatural. Your focus is on this world and how it works and not My unseen world of the supernatural. You need to develop your dependence on Me and your trust in Me. I sent the Holy Spirit to guide you in every area of your life but you don’t listen for what is said. I am the only king that can defeat the king of this world. When you battle in your own strength and knowledge, you will surely be defeated. Call upon Me to send angels to help you in your battles, and I will send them. From your birth, angels have been with you sent by Me to guard and protect you. How many times have you avoided accidents or destruction because of the angels that were present? Ask Me to see the angels operating in your world and in your life.

There is much that I want to reveal to you, but I have held back knowing that it may grieve you and frighten you. Much that is about to happen cannot be changed, but its effects can be influenced by prayer and repentance. Day by day, the world grows more evil and depraved and perhaps you don’t see it because it has been covered up and well hidden. Soon however, more of it is going to be revealed and the extent of it will shock the world. It will shake many to their very core. The level of corruption is so extensive throughout the world that it will seem overwhelming to many, but I say, “fear not”.

Many things that will appear as supernatural will be attributed to Me but will be from the enemy. Cry out to Me for answers to the situations that will be coming.

Heaven is real but so is hell. Many do not want to believe that and claim that a loving God would not send anyone to hell. This is exactly what the enemy wants you to believe so that you will not make any effort to keep people from the torments of hell. Jesus only can save people and keep them out of hell. Are all your family and friends saved? If not, you need to pray for their salvation and witness to them.

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