• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 14th, 2017

My desire is that all men would be saved – saved from eternal death – saved from sickness – saved from sin – saved from destruction. Much in the unseen world is happening as the future of many rests in the hands of a few. Those few fear nothing and especially not Me. They believe that they control the outcomes of many things and so I have allowed them to believe this. Often, my sovereignty is called into question because of what I have allowed.

A spirit of revelation is being released and many mysteries are about to be uncovered. Much is hidden in My Word that has been there for centuries that is about to be revealed – codes upon codes – secrets upon secrets –mysteries upon mysteries. I am about to open the eyes of My servants and prophets to declare what is hidden not only in My Word but in the earth and in the universe. There is much that scientists have discovered about the universe which few know about. My earth is crying out with all the blood of those innocent ones who have been slaughtered in war, in the womb and through terror in all its forms. If the cries of the blood of Abel were heard – how much louder are all of these!

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and fires have come and yet My people are still not questioning why but are focused on rebuilding. Why have so many people hardened their hearts against Me? Do they not fear Me? When My prophets and pastors call for repentance, it is as if the ears of My people cannot hear. Soon it will be too late for some of My people, their chance will have evaporated. Stop – listen for what I am trying to tell you. One answer does not fit all. I deal with each of you on an individual basis. Each of you have unique directions to follow. For some, I will tell you to move. For others, I will tell you to change jobs or behaviors or attitudes. Just as a parent should deal with their children as unique individuals so I deal with you. The enemy is trying to create division in this nation and in families so it is easier for him to destroy unity which brings strength. What is the enemy doing in your life to create division – gossip, lies, taking offense, or criticism – all tools of the enemy which he hopes that we will not recognize and resist. A house divided against itself cannot stand. Look around at what is happening in your life and stand against every effort to create division and destruction.

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