• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 7th, 2017

Winds of change are blowing – here and around the world. A spirit of terror has been released and is spreading throughout the earth. Some say that all that is happening is nature. While others say, that it is my judgement. You do not fear Me. You go about your daily business and are content to just survive for another day. How many more days do you think that you have? The church needs to rise up and fast and pray so that My judgements don’t come. Nineveh was saved because everyone, including the king, repented and so I withheld my judgement. Time is running short. It is time for you to get your house in order so that judgement does not come to it. So few of My people and especially the young people, know My Word and can answer basic questions about their faith. How are you going to stand in the face of all that is about to happen without understanding? Those in other countries have been tested to the point of death and have not wavered as they were killed. Could you do that? You get upset if your phone, car or television doesn’t work or your comfort is somehow disrupted. Look at Puerto Rico and the other islands who have lost all and have been thrown into dark age conditions and will remain there for months.

What you do or allow your government to do against Israel about dividing their land will be done to this country. Time after time events have happened when you have done this but everyone, once again, cries nature and does not draw a connection to these events.

You are in a time of grace. Do not think that everything is going back to a time of prosperity and no problems. I say to you that a suddenly is coming and without warning. I have called you to prepare and some of you have. I told all the same thing but few have listened. I say to you again, prepare. Look at Houston, Florida, and Puerto Rico, what could they have done to prepare? Food and water are critical for your survival. The government may not always be there to provide it. If multiple areas are affected simultaneously, it may be a long time before you get supplies. You can’t live very long without water and in the event of a catastrophe will the water even be drinkable? Make survival plans as best as you can. Life is very fragile and should not be taken for granted. No one knows the number of days that have been given to them. Use yours with purpose and in obedience to Me.

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