• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - October 1st, 2017

Time – time – how much time is allotted to each of you? How do you use your time? Sit down and examine how you are spending your time. I call you to tithe your money and gifting's but so also do I call you to give Me your time. I want to spend intimate time with you so that you can share your heart with Me and then listen so that I can share Mine with you. Do you stop to think of Me as a person who loves, gets angry or can be grieved? Yes, I am the God of the universe, but I am the same God that walked daily in the garden with Adam. I created you needing fellowship – not only with other human beings but also with Me. I am saddened by how few of My children seek to have time with Me. I say for you to cry out to me and I will answer, not just in times of trouble but also in times of rejoicing and thanksgiving. Praise Me but also worship Me so that your hearts can draw close to Me. I inhabit the praises of My people. Set aside time to be with Me each day and see how your life changes.

As the times grow tougher, rely on Me for more of the graces you need, the strength you need, the hope and encouragement that you need. You were not designed to function without Me. Because My ways are higher than yours, My answers to your requests may be different than what you asked for or expected. I see all and know all so My answer will be given with all aspects of the situation considered. These coming times are going to require you to trust Me more. Much in your life is out of your control -- - but not out of Mine. Look around you --- become more observant and more questioning for all is not what it appears to be. Indoctrination is rampant in education, writings and all forms of media. You are hearing only the side of the story that is predetermined for you to get. Compare what you hear and see to what My Word is saying. In My Word, is truth that you can measure everything against. Do not be deceived but seek Me and My truth, and you will be protected and able to help others know the real truth. My truth will set you free and save you.

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