• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 16th, 2017

Very troubling times are coming when it will be important for you to listen for My directions. There are many different dynamics playing out in the world that are being manipulated by forces behind the scenes. There are those who use what is happening for monetary gain while others are suffering great hardship. Many are saying, “we are strong, and we will rebuild” while others are walking through the streets repenting and calling upon My name. My followers know that I am with them and trust Me to make a way for them but few question if perhaps what has happened is a call to repentance for the nation. Has repentance become such a foreign concept that it does not cross your minds? Repentance should be a daily practice for yourselves and for your family and for the nation. Job gave sacrifices for his children because he did not want Me to punish them. You as a nation have much to repent for --- abortion, same sex marriage, sexual perversion, trafficking of children, mistreatment of wives, children and even the elderly, corruption in government and business. Do you believe that I am going to allow this to go on with no consequences? It is out of mercy that I give you warnings in various ways and hope they might wake you up to the need to repent.

The enemy has very cleverly divided My church by introducing concepts and theories that are not biblical and do not line up with spiritual truth. Because My people do not read My Word, they accept these as being true and so separation in the Body takes place. The enemy is the author of confusion and lies which My people fall for and are blinded by. I am a God who speaks to My people. Pray, listen and wait for Me to speak to you. My spirit is within you and connects with your spirit. Your spirit knows the truth when it is connected to mine.

If I allowed My chosen people to suffer the consequences of their choices, why do you believe that I will not deal with you? You are in a period of grace right now, and, I have released a spirit of revival in hopes that you will seek Me and repent. My Word has gone forth in many countries and many young believers will rise up in these nations and there will be revival throughout the world. Your nation was founded on Christian principles and has fostered the Gospel in many nations so I have richly blessed you, but I also call you to repentance before my judgement is released. Pray for yourselves, your families and your nation.

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