• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 26th, 2017

Time – My time versus your time. Everything is precisely timed by Me. If you reviewed the events in your life, you would begin to get a glimpse about My timing. In many instances, if I answered your prayers in your time and your way, those answers would have been harmful to you. My ways are higher than your ways. I am about to change many circumstances that affect My people. At first, it may seem as though what happens is not a blessing but as time goes on, you will be able to understand how, indeed, it is a blessing.

Many structures have been set up by world governments that oppress people and allow a handful of people power and control over the rest of the population. The cries of My people have come before My throne. Just as in the past, empires rose and fell, and I determined the outcomes, so shall it be now. Many world leaders think that they are going to be the ones determined to do this, but I say, “Not so.” Yes, My word speaks of wars that are to happen and many have overlaid current circumstances to match those events. Timing – I determine it for every event that takes place. As natural catastrophes happen, I am behind them using them for My purposes. I know to the very second what is happening in the universe and how each thing affects everything else. Yes, the universe is huge so why do you not believe that I also am aware of everything in your life to the second and count even the hairs on your head. Be secure in My love for you and everything that touches your life. You have allowed yourself to be weighed down by many concerns needlessly. Remember, I know the beginning from the end for your life and everything in the middle. Your destiny awaits you. Do not let the enemy or fear steal it from you. Perhaps, you think that the dreams and visions that I have given you are impossible. Nothing is impossible for me. Perhaps right now, your life seems overshadowed with difficulties. I can change these in an instant. I desire to give great power to many of My servants, but they need to have their character developed so that the power does not destroy them or harm others. If you want more of Me --- ask but be ready for what you will need to go through to develop it. There is a price to pay but great good can also come from it for the kingdom.

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