• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 6th, 2017

Open your eyes you are about to see many things happening simultaneously. Some in the heavens, some on earth and some in the hearts and lives of people. Man has grown technologically and so now has the ability to destroy faster and more completely but man still is doing all the same things that he has always done and still thinks that a day of consequences will not come. America, America – yes, you are prosperous and mighty but unless you repent you too shall fall. What must I do to wake you up? I will shake you and your institutions and your people and see if you repent and come back to me. You are not discerning the times. Just as in Noah’s day; you eat, drink and go your own way. My mercy has prevailed so far for your country but forces are coming together that seek your destruction. Just as in Roman times barbarians came in and eventually helped to destroy the city and empire from within. Who do the world leaders worship? Not me! They worship Lucifer from whom they believe their power to rule comes from. This is why they want to destroy Christianity. It is a threat to their power and privileged state. How many leaders have sold their soul to Lucifer to be able to have power? The enemy has the world believing that he does not exist but it is merely the way people choose to describe negative events and emotions. How convenient for him because no one will fight against him. I am truth and the truth will set you free. The enemy can mimic my actions in almost every way, but he can’t save or set you free from all that tries to come against you. He is subtle in his approach, slowly moving you toward death and destruction. Each of you has a part of Me in you so if you are lost, I lose a part of myself. It is time to rise up, pray and war in the spirit so that my Kingdom may come.

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