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Prophetic Word - July 29th, 2017

My heart grieves over the pain and suffering that takes place each and every day in different parts of the world. Those in prosperous countries do not tend to see the suffering right around them because it is less obvious as they are focused on the abundance available. How many young people are being lost to drugs or caught up in abusive relationships they name, “ hooking up”? How many babies are not allowed to be born because their existence isn’t convenient? How many older people are isolated or ignored and sent off to nursing homes even when they don’t need them? How many children go hungry while so much food is wasted? What about all the children who are not able to get a good education and have the ability to get a good job? How many young men are forced into gangs through which they are killed or sent to prison? How many children who have their physical needs met but not their emotional ones? I have called you to love one another as I have loved you and said that whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me. I am calling my body to rise up and help those around them. Even children can share what they have with another child that has very little.

A time is coming quickly when much will be scarce and you might say to yourself --- I need to keep the little that I have but if you do this, you will lose all that you have. All that you have belongs to me. I have given it to you to use and share, not to hide and store up. Just as in the days when my people were in the wilderness, each day I will provide for your needs. I led them by day and night. You need to trust me more even with those things and people that are closest to your heart. I want more for them than you want, but my plans for them may take them to places you are grieved by.

So many people are suffering in silence because they have given up hope. They believe that no one cares about them. Remember you are my hands, my feet, that I use to help, listen, love and provide for those around you. Pray for those you see in difficult situations and ask what you are to do, and I will tell you.

Suffering does not know age, race, gender or position in life. It can and usually does come to everyone at different times during their lives. I have come to bring life, health, salvation, peace, joy and prosperity. Lead my suffering children to me through your love and caring. Be a blessing and I will bless you.

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