• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 15th, 2017

My people, my people awake for the time is growing near when you will have to actively battle the enemy or you will not survive. The time of sitting back and life as usual is about to change. The Church must rise up and pray so that those prayers can change the present dynamic, and I can use Trump to accomplish my purposes. Your prayers have allowed him to have a hedge of protection around him and his family.

I have poured out my breaker anointing so that you may use your power to stop the enemy dead in his tracks and upset all of his plans. I am giving my prophets great revelation so, listen to them. The time of signs and wonders on the earth and in the heavens has come. Even unbelievers will recognize them and wonder. I am calling my people to speak truth in love, unless we see many lives destroyed unnecessarily. Not all that people choose to do can I bless, nor will I. Sin is always pleasurable for a season, but it leads to destruction and death. No one speaks of something being sinful anymore but that doesn’t mean that it does not exist or that I won’t judge it and punish it.

The world scene is about to change and very quickly. The globalist agenda has been dealt a severe blow and is trying to regain its position. When world leaders go against those who put them in power or run ahead of them, they are dealt with and their country pays the price. Soon two world leaders will be dealt with and there will be a ripple effect from that. Many dictators have risen to power, but they all ultimately fell because they were puppets of evil and turned on their own people.

The unusual rains have been sent by me and so have the multiple earthquakes. This is just the beginning. I control the weather even though man has tried to interfere with it. You, however, have the authority to speak to it and redirect it. You have the power to pray and change the atmosphere around you. My people why do you not use the authority that you have been given to overcome evil with good. Trust that I have heard your prayers and instantly will respond to them when they are according to my will and purpose. Try me!

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