• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - April 15th, 2017

My timing is not your timing. A blink of an eye may be years not seconds. I have everything perfectly orchestrated in the world and in your life. Everything may seem calm and peaceful but then there is a suddenly. Get ready for several suddenlies and in the midst of the storms, remember - I am with you. I designed you and know exactly how you work. The world would have you running after happiness, and you trying to reach it by catering to your every whim and desire. That is not how I created you to reach happiness. The more selfless you become the happier you will be. I know that is exactly the opposite of what the world teaches. The more you die to self and live for Me and to do My will the better your life will get. Remember even before you were born, I knew you and the plan that I had for you and wrote it in the book of life. Your free will must keep choosing each day to fulfill that plan and complete the destiny that I have set for you – one which will bring you many blessings.

My eyes go to and fro on the earth seeking those who will join My army to fight the spiritual battles that need to be fought – those who are willing to pay the price and answer My call. Answer the call one day at a time and My grace shall be sufficient unto you for that day. So many of my people are alone and uncared for, it makes Me grieve. Look around and find the people that cross your path and ask Me what you are to do for them. I also call you to cry out to Me and be honest about what you are feeling and ask for My help. Being a follower of Christ does not mean that you spout My Word and try to measure up to it without My help. I am real and already aware of what you are going through and am waiting for you to cry out to Me. I can change your feelings and heart when you ask Me to if you sincerely mean it. You can hide from other people and pretend you are fine, but I see you as you truly are. I want you to be happy and live an abundant life but that can only be true if you die to self and choose to live for Me with My help.

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