• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - April 8th, 2017

As we begin the spiritual journey towards My son’s death and resurrection, I challenge each of you to stop and examine your relationship with Me. How close are you to Me? How much am I a part of your daily life and decision making process? I sent My Only Son to save you from the consequences of your choices that separated you from Me – eternal consequences. Why do you keep trying to do life on your own without My wisdom and guidance? There are so many unseen forces that are trying to come against you that only I can see and deliver you from and yet you keep doing it your way. Don’t you know how much that I love you? Every day I am with you and My goodness and mercy pursues you. I am aware of every detail of your life – every thought that you think. Yes, I know that you have gone through some trials, but I have been with you through them. I never promised that you would not go through difficulties only that I would be with you through them. I am about to do some miraculous things that will get the world’s attention. I want to draw all men to Me. I want to lead and direct them in paths of righteousness, goodness and mercy.

I am about to remove several world leaders in dramatic ways. The stench of the blood that they have shed has reached my nostrils. The world will not understand and will question how this could happen and think it is this government or that, but I will be the one causing it. I am just beginning to uncover the treason and sedition that is going on in governments. The power struggle will end quickly and in unexpected ways. My people need to pray against unlawful plots and leadership that is going on. Pray for truth to be revealed. Pray against hidden agendas that work against the people.

Read My Word so that I can reveal Myself to you in new and deeper ways. I have so much for each and every one of you – big dreams and big plans. You have no idea how I want to bless you and use you to be world changers and a blessing to many. My angels watch over you and guard you and your families. Know that I am coming soon but until then, fight the good fight for the kingdom, righteousness and justice as well as the salvation of many. I love you with an everlasting love.

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