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Prophetic Word - April 1st, 2017

Times of trouble are coming in various forms but so are times of revival and renewal. The world will see the troubles and complain but my remnant will see revival and renewal greater than has ever happened before. Signs, wonders and miracles will be appearing in the most unexpected places. The world will marvel at who I have chosen to use because by their standards they are the helpless and hopeless of our society. I look upon the hearts of people not their wealth or possessions or the number of degrees they have earned. I want people who are sold out to Me and seek Me and will and who will hear My voice and obey it. I have called together an army of intercessors who will change the course of events just as they have done in previous times. Blind faith and trust will be the force that I will use to defeat the enemy and all the enemies of this nation. Many believe that it cannot be done that the enemy is too entrenched but just as I have brought down nations and raised other nations up so will I change the landscape of the current world system. Find other people to pray with and be faithful in doing so that you may be used as a force of change. My justice is ultimately served and revealed and those who think that they do not answer to Me are in for a very rude awakening. Many times, in the world system, it seems as though evil and its actions win and never pay the price. Remember we are not just talking about years but centuries. Time is something you are in, but I am outside of time and know the beginning from the end. I know all the generations that you are a part of and all that happened in those generations. Jesus birth, death and resurrection were necessary to pay the price to redeem all those generations. In this season of resurrection, seek healing from all those generations did that needs to be cleansed by the blood of Jesus. I sent my son to set you free so that you could be part of My army to defeat the enemy now and at every turn in the future. The world believes that the enemy is winning but the war isn’t over and when it is, I will be the victor for all eternity. Amen

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