• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - February 4th, 2017

Wait upon me for the time is coming quickly when much is about to change. Yes, you have a new president who will do the things that he proclaimed but the enemy is at work using every avenue that he can against him. As you see the people demonstrating against many things, know that they are being fueled by the enemy. This is not a war of flesh and blood but one of principalities and powers that know that their time is short. I am releasing my angels throughout the world to help you fight the spiritual battles that you find yourselves in. What the enemy means for evil know that I will turn it to good and use it to bless you. Do not hate the people that the enemy is using but pray for them that they will see the light and be set free.

All of history is a record of the battle between good and evil and throughout it there has been much pain and suffering. Kingdoms have come and gone but my Kingdom is coming soon and it will remain forever. Do not grow weary of the battle for you shall surely win. Take a sabbath rest so you get renewed and refreshed with me and can receive battle strategies from me. Many in the church think that the battle is over because Trump won but it is not. Now, you have an ally on your side and not a president working against you. Justice is about to come to many who have betrayed you, this country and me. They think that they have gotten away with their evil deeds, but I know about each and everyone of them for which they shall receive justice --- not the world's justice but my justice. I am a God of mercy and those who repent and stop their evil ways then I will have mercy on them.

Get ready for transition as we move into a new spiritual season. One in which you will witness many supernatural events, miracles and shiftings. As the world moves further away from me, I shall become more real to those who seek me and my ways. My cry to you in this time is to be holy, seek holiness and desire to teach holiness by the way that you live. People learn by witnessing your actions not by words. Ask me to deliver you from anything that keeps you from being holy and I will answer.

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