• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 31, 2016

A time of shaking is about to occur in many ways, in many places and in many lives. Much will be turned upside down. In some cases, this will be a good thing. The enemy has created much confusion in the world and even in my children’s lives. Truth to many is no longer an absolute. It has been overridden by tolerance and political correctness. Thereby, many argue for their positions on critical issues. Deception, distortion and outright lying are prevalent. Because of this, many are making wrong choices and decisions. My Word has not changed. I have not changed. I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

My interventions in the affairs of the world are going to dramatically increase as I use one force against the opposite force to accomplish my purposes. Many will be caught in between these forces. Ask me for wisdom as to what you are to do in each situation that you find yourself in. Follow my commandments, my precepts, My Word and my voice, and you will be protected and provided for.

As climate changes begin to occur, you will see more dramatic weather patterns. These will affect food supplies, travel and even the land surfaces. You need to wake up and pay attention to the things around you instead of just trying to get through each day. Even the very core of the earth is going to be affected. The changes will be subtle at first and then increase. There will be an affect on fossil fuels and their distribution. We will have to rely on our own sources of oil during this time. You are use to an abundance of oil, but there will be gas lines again for a period of time. Pray that this disruption does not occur in the winter.

For the next few months, stock up on the medicines and supplements that you use if you can. There are several medical discoveries that are coming that are going to rock the pharmaceutical world.

I am about to shake up the church. The pastors, priests and rabbis are either going to teach my Word as it is written or they will be removed. My church will stand and once again become the church of Acts. Signs and wonders are going to happen, and they will not be able to be stopped or controlled. This will happen throughout the world. The next great revival will not be limited to a country or an area of the world. Simultaneously much destruction and devastation will be happening in the world.

For this year, I have spoken to you through many of my prophets, but there are many who despise prophecy and belittle it. Not all who call themselves prophets are of me or speak for me. This does not mean that there are no true prophets. Test the words that you hear and ask me to confirm them. I never contradict in prophetic words my Word.

I speak directly to my children so come to me and ask me what I want you to do and I will tell you. Obedience is critical to your survival as is being in the physical location that I have called you to be. Much is coming but I will be with you through it all. I love you.

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