• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - December 3, 2016

As you prepare to celebrate my Son’s birth, keep your eyes open to see all the things going on in the world. As you shop and try to figure out what to buy for those on your Christmas list, stop and look around at those who are in need. There are many this Christmas who will have no gifts under the tree and no tree and no fancy dinner on the table. I gave you my beloved Son so that you could be free from the devastation of sin and overcome all that the enemy has done to block your destiny. Open your heart this Christmas to a family or someone in need and provide something to make their Christmas one that allows them to feel cared about. I will put in your mind and heart those I want you to help. Christmas is about giving because of what you have already received, the greatest gift ever given.

Many are rejoicing because they feel that America has been given another chance and so it has but that does not mean that now everyone can go back to life as usual. The world scene is about to quickly change and there will be uprisings and political shifts in many places that will affect America. Do not stop praying for Mr. Trump and his family as they are still in danger. I am about to remove some of the people who have been behind many evil plots and plans. Several who have had Jezebel and Ahab spirits will fall and very suddenly.

The church has woken up and stood together. Now it needs to pray to restore prayer in the schools, end abortion, same sex marriage and the persecution of Christians worldwide. This is a spiritual battle that needs to be fought with spiritual tools. Going along to get along will be the destruction of the church and ultimately the nation. Return to me and my Word and what it says about how you are to live. Many take for granted that they will be saved because they go to church but don’t really know me. Within the world’s population, a very small percentage of people are saved. How many of your family members do you know for sure that they are saved? Start to pray for their salvation and show them my love and my forgiveness. Your behavior is the loudest testimony of me. Ask me what to do for your family and I will show you.


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