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Prophetic Word - November 26, 2016

I am about to bring light where there has been darkness. Look to the heavens for in them you will see new things that will be done by me so you know that I am the God of the universe. A season is coming where you celebrate the birth of my son and all that, that event means. Each day I seek you and want you to come to me for in me you can find peace and rest. I know your struggles, trials and sufferings and I am with you through all of them. My heart grieves because many of my children do not believe that I love them and are with them. My Holy Spirit can dwell with you and comfort andencourage you and speak to you and give you wisdom, hope and peace. Ask Him into your hearts and ask Him to help all the gifts and abilities that I have given you manifest in your life. Before you were born, you were given an assignment -- - a destiny written in The Book of your life. It is meant to be fulfilled so that you become all you are capable of being. It may take you down many roads and through many trials and troubles. With my help, you will achieve your destiny. Cry to me when you do not know what to do and I will answer. I speak to you in many ways -- - through my Word, others, dreams and visions. All are meant to help you accomplish your purpose. The more you seek me, the more you will reflect me. As you decrease and allow me to increase within you, the closer to me you will be. I call you to be my hands, my feet, my voice and my love to other people. My son, Jesus, was a reflection of me so that you could have a glimpse of what I am like and to what lengths I would go to save you and have a relationship with you. LOVE ME. LOVE ONE ANOTHER so that who I am can be seen by the world , and they can choose to know me too. Just as each snowflake is unique so each of you are a unique reflection of me. Your purpose is unique and can only be fulfilled by you. This is why my heart grieves so when one of you chooses to end a baby's life or your own. Each of you is precious to me and loved and wanted by me. Do not give up when difficulties come for out of them I will bring blessings. Even in death, I open a door for you to eternal life.

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