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Prophetic Word - October 29, 2016

The time has come when all will come together to create a perfect storm. Chaos politically and socially will erupt causing an uprising throughout the nation. The plans of the powerful are having to shift due to the changing circumstances of the election. The level of corruption being exposed is only the tip of the iceberg. It goes throughout every department of the federal government and when all is said and done those who have perpetrated this will turn their backs and just walk away from the destruction that they have caused. My justice cannot be bought or manipulated so even if they do not get worldly justice they will get heavenly justice. Cry out to me to spare your region and that which is moving toward you to erupt can be diminished. I am a just God and am not to be mocked. Man can change the definition of words such as marriage but the structures and definitions I formed will not change and many will be judged by those definitions. Just because the world does not recognize certain behavior as sin does not mean that I don't see it as sin. I am able to shake up and wake up my church. It can no longer stand back and do nothing and keep its head in the sand. My people called by my name must arise and stand for the principles written in my Word. Abortion is murder plain and simple. You say, “What about a woman's rights?” To you, I say, “What about the child's rights?” This action in the history of Israel helped to bring about its destruction. Do you think that I have changed and will not judge those who do the same. America, you are transporting your evil to other nations and holding them hostage with threats of removing financial aid. I say “enough” it is time for it to come to an end, and I will bring it to an end soon.

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