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Prophetic Word - October 22, 2016

The time has come if you want to see change then this nation needs to repent for all the ways it no longer follows my commandments. Perhaps you individually have not done these things, but there needs to be a corporate confession by America. The cries of all the children that have been aborted have reached my ears and are so loud that they can no longer be ignored. I must respond to them. To some of you, they were only a glob of tissue to be cut out and thrown in the garbage or sold but to me they were my creation that had a destiny and purpose. Just as you have thrown away your children so you have trampled on the sanctity of marriage and choose to have your children out of wedlock and thereby causing them to live with a curse. I know that in society marriage is going out of style but not in how I call my children to live. Do you really think that I can bless your sin and that there will be no consequences to your choices? I designed the family to be the basic structure of society – one man married to one woman and them having children who would be nurtured and loved so they could become whom I created them to be.

Yes, families have struggles and difficulties but with my help they will get through them and grow and be strengthened. These things will help to develop their character. I am a jealous God who wants to be first in my children's lives and be allowed to be lord over their lives. Repent for all that you say and do that goes against my commandments so that you will be forgiven and prosper and be blessed. Do not do this once but do it on a daily basis as you sin on a daily basis. As you forgive others, I will forgive you. This means as often as they need it.

In a very short span of time some of the turmoil that has been brewing will come suddenly, - yes suddenly. I have called you to prepare and if you have not done so, you have very little- yes very little time to do so. So many times throughout history, I have watched civilizations rise and fall. Their destruction comes when their level of immorality has become a stench in my nostrils. You have my Word to read, and the ability to hear it and see it anytime you want. My Holy Spirit speaks to your hearts but still you do not repent but choose to follow your own paths. These paths will lead to destruction and sooner than you think. I have warned you through my Holy Spirit, my prophets, teachers and preachers but still you go your own way. I weep over you for I have loved you with an everlasting love and sacrificed my very own son for you. Turn to me before it is too late. Repent and turn back to me and my ways and I will spare you. Hell is real and many will go there because it’s what they have chosen.

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