• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - September 24, 2016

Fear is about to strike many hearts as more and more attacks take place throughout the land. The enemy has seized on the opportunity to create havoc so his ultimate plan is not seen. Trial after trial will be faced by many, but I am faithful and will bring my children through them. Cry out to me and I will answer. Destruction is coming but it will not be by my hand. Resources are going to begin to dry up so be careful with yours. Things are not going to be the same as usual even with a new president. Forces of evil are gathering to uproot and undermine this society and its freedoms. There is going to be a power grab. Those who hold the power will begin to fight among themselves as the era of the Bushes and Clintons draws to an abrupt end. This may not be apparent to the everyday person but will shake many who see it behind the scenes.

There is a cry for justice coming to me from the people of the United States but justice is not easily found especially in the halls of Washington and throughout many parts of the world. Step back for you are about to see things crumble before your very eyes --- the economy, society, welfare, trade and positions of countries in the world.

Keep your eyes on me and listen to my Holy Spirit who will direct your footsteps through these difficult times. As the world is in turmoil, the spiritual realm will come alive in power, signs, wonders and supernatural provision.

Let go of your expectations of life as you know it but step into the new world order in the spiritual realm; not the world's new world order but mine.

Keep your eyes on Russia. I am about to move in it and its politics. There will be many who will be surprised and not understand but I have heard the cries of my people there.

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