• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - August 27, 2016

My word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. Seek me for the direction of your life so that you can rest in me and not be tossed about by the influence of others who do not know me or my ways. I want to strengthen you so that you are prepared for whatever you will face. You can trust the directions that I give you. They will not lead you astray. When trials come, turn to me and cry out and I will answer. I will take you through the trials and use them to strengthen you and teach you from them.

I will turn evil into blessing. You are about to witness many things that you will not understand and will question why I have allowed them. During these times, you need to trust me even though you don't understand.

Nation is going to rise up against nation and the drums of war are starting to beat. Pray against this. It does not need to be so. There are spiritual storms taking place just as there are natural storms taking place. Pray for Israel that it may stand against all its enemies and its people may be safe and saved.

I am sending forth my angels throughout the world as it is time for my people to return to me and seek me and serve me. Even your children will have visions and dreams that will reveal coming events. Listen to them.

I am calling forth a spiritual army to fight the forces of evil. I am calling forth the intercessors to pray what my spirit tells them so I can accomplish all that needs to be done for MY KINGDOM to come and my will to be done.

Look around this nation and see your brothers and sisters devastated by floods and tornadoes, find a way to help them. Sow into other people's lives so that you can reap the multiplied blessings that I have for you.

Soon there will be revealed cures for diseases that have plagued many. They have been kept hidden but no longer will be. I am your healer when you are sick ask me to heal you in body, mind and spirit.

The time is coming quickly when there is going to be a major shift in nations and continents. This will create much turmoil but do not fear it all has purpose – my purpose. Those who have pulled the strings for centuries are about to have those strings cut and this will create these shifts. Since the beginning of time man has tried to be God but there is only one God – Jehovah.


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