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Prophetic Word - July 30, 2016

Oh my children how I weep over you as I watch you struggle every day. You keep choosing to rely upon yourselves and not turn to me and ask for help, knowledge, or wisdom. All these I would grant you quickly if you would just cry out to me.

A shift is coming -- a shift in the world - a shift in the atmosphere and a shift in the earth's surface. As all these things take place, there will be much turmoil and fear. As these things happen, seek me for direction as to what you are to do. What I speak to one person may not be what I speak to a group. So listen for what I am saying specifically to you and to your situation. There are many things being declared by many people that are supposed to happen. When I speak, I do not contradict myself. I speak the same message to all my prophets, but some call themselves prophets but they do not hear my voice but other voices. I have given you discernment and the ability to know and hear my voice. Test all that you hear so that you are not misdirected.

As I have said, I am pouring out a spirit of revelation and supernatural power and much will be revealed. Even my young children will have dreams and visions so when they speak to you about them, listen to them and determine if they are from me. Because I am a God of mercy, many will be protected and spared from that which is to come. Do not interpret this as you are better than other people and less sinful. I have a purpose and a plan for each of my children so some will be spared so that they can fulfill a part of the future plan that I have for them. It is important that you all work to get in relationship with me and know that you are loved by me and forgiven. Death will come to many and even to the very young and innocent as storms, floods, tornadoes and even earthquakes happen throughout the land. Pray for this nation that my people would humble themselves and pray so that I can heal the land. Prayer changes things so begin to pray that these things can be diverted or lessened. Just as Jesus had authority over the wind and waves so does the resurrection power in you have the same authority -- use it. Stop seeing yourselves as so powerless. Pray for all the situations in your life that need to be resolved and watch and wait for me to move. I answered Elijah and sent fire from heaven to protect him even though he had not done all that I had asked him to do. Ask me for spiritual strategies to fight the enemy. Do not keep doing it the exact same way as each situation may need a different kind of prayer. Pray more and intercede more so that I can move to touch and transform all that the enemy is trying to do.

Read and study my Word so that I can reveal things to you through it. It is indeed a living word from which you can draw life and hope. In spite of all that you see and hear, I call you to trust me and not be afraid. I send my angels as a mighty force that goes before you. I know that you cannot see them unless I open your eyes to do so but they are there ready to fight, and there is nothing that they cannot accomplish.

As you look at the world situation, it would appear to be out of control -- that is not true. Much of the confusion is being created as a distraction so you miss what is really going on. The news media directs your attention where it wants you to go so you miss what is really going on. People are losing their moral compass. Television, movies and magazines portray what they want the society to look like and accept. In the name of tolerance, they have shifted people to accept what I call evil and an abomination. I am not mocked and my laws have not changed -- what you sow you will reap multiplied unless you repent and cry out to me for mercy. The things that are about to happen will happen suddenly and without warning so you need to be prepared in all the ways that you can. Ask me what you are to do and I will show you. In order to survive, you must work together and help each other -- share what you have. You will be better protected and able to survive as a group. Begin to organize with other people who should be part of the group. Try to include people with various skills so that more knowledge can be used to survive. Be careful who you pick for your group that they can be trusted and will not turn on the group or run away and take with them needed supplies. Determine action plans in the event of natural disasters or disruptions in supplies of food, or water or money.

Determine alternate locations that you can go to for safety. Make sure that all family members know and understand the plans. Talk about ways to communicate other than phone in the event of a disaster. Have an emergency bag ready for each family member that can be grabbed and taken with them in the event of an evacuation. This bag should include forms of identification in case the family gets separated. Make sure to explain to children so they are less fearful. Even consider doing one or two practice runs with your family and the other members of your group.

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