• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 23, 2016

The time is coming quickly when you must change your way of thinking in order to survive. I am about to unleash a burst of supernatural power greater than the world has ever seen. This is to counter balance the increase in evil that is being released. Lies, lies and more lies are what is being spoken in the media but the real truth is going to burst on the scene and people are not going to know what to think or what to do. I am going to take off the scales that have been placed over people’s eyes and minds from the indoctrination that has taken place from television, music, movies and electronics. Most of the world is addicted to electronic devices and cannot wait for the next one to come out. Do you realize that people’s communication has been reduced to a text or a tweet? People are not sitting down and talking to each other or to their children. Are you aware of what your children are watching and listening to that is transforming their thinking and attitudes?

My grace is sufficient for all that you will be going through, but you need to draw closer to me so that you can learn what you need to do --- step by step. Many things are being revealed that have not been known by the public. I am behind this because I do not want my people to be deceived. The president has declared that all is well while behind the scenes he and others have their own plans that are not for my people but against them. Soon there will be an attempt to disrupt the economy and try to crash it to facilitate their plans. Though there will be a partial disruption, all that they plan will be disrupted and stopped. There will be several sudden deaths of key leaders but no one will know who is behind it. This will cause fear amongst those who consider themselves untouchable but there is no one that my hand cannot reach.

There are going to be several severe natural disasters that are going to shift many things. Some I will create and some will be created by other forces. I am ready to pour out my power on big cities and small towns. I will heal many supernaturally, and I will reveal ways to cure certain diseases. Eat healthy foods so that you will be strengthened and able to withstand physical challenges. Do not smoke; do not drink so your bodies can be healthy as these things approach. I bring good out of all things for my people even when it may not seem that way. Yes, there will be many tears and sorrow, but there will be great rejoicing and victory. Stand fast – stand ready.

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