• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - July 16, 2016

I am the alpha and the omega. I know all things. I see all things. I know the plans of men even their secret plans and I know how I am going to allow these plans or interrupt them. Power is a very corrupting influence as is the love of money. Where there is the desire for one the other will be involved. The enemy is getting ready to use his power to destroy much but he will not be allowed to do so. Corruption has permeated many of the world’s governments as men seek power.

As you look around you, there is much diverting your attention to other places and taking your eyes off of what is really happening. Today, I call my people to cry out for justice and truth so that much deception and corruption can be revealed.

My church has moved very far away from me. Do they think that I am impressed with their lights and smoke machines and loud music which does not declare my glory and power? I want my people to worship me in humbleness and with repentant hearts and obey my commandments and set time aside to be with me so that I can speak to them and encourage them and tell them that I love them and am with them.

A tidal wave of confusion is building throughout the world, and it will engulf many with fear for their way of life and even their lives. I have called my prophets to warn people to prepare them so that when it comes they will be prepared. During these times, I want my people to be people of honor and mercy and reflect me in all that they do and say. I will send my peace to calm their minds and hearts. I am going to pour out a spirit of revelation and holy fire that when it touches my children that they will be instantly changed and cleansed so that they will be able to stand against all the forces of evil that will try to attack them. Be mindful of where your children are, what they are seeing, listening to and doing.

The enemy knows that if he can get ahold of them that he can change the world and families. Be a positive example to them in all things. Treat them with respect even though they are children and do not vent your anger against them for unnecessary reasons.

In the coming darkness, look to me for light. I will light your ways in all areas of life. The enemy will try to ambush you in various ways, but I will protect you. Out of everything that the enemy means for evil I will bring good. Have faith, ask for more faith, walk in faith my beloved.

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