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Prophetic Word - July 7, 2016

Try as you may to figure out all that is happening, you will not be able to do so. Much of it is shadows and illusions to try to make you believe what is not true. Neither your eyes nor your ears will be of any help – you must ask me to show you the truth and then trust what I say. The times have begun to shift rapidly and there is an unraveling that is going on while the earth and its rulers are preparing for one thing, I am preparing for something very different. The principalities and powers are bringing greater and greater darkness. Many people are choosing to just go along as if nothing is happening but there is soon to be a suddenly and then another suddenly and then another suddenly. When the smoke clears, the world as you know it will have changed. Pray that many are spared during these times. These events are not my judgements but part of the plans of those who choose to rule the world and are willing to do whatever it takes to do it even if that is thousands upon thousands of lives. All you have to do is look at the Middle East to see how many lives have been lost over all the struggles there.

I have instructions for you to follow so that you can be safe and out of harm’s way.

  1. Seek me about where you are to go and when – especially about traveling away from the United States.

  2. Be careful what you reveal to people other than your family, especially your political opinions.

  3. Know that all you say and write on your phone is not private.

  4. Have cash available to use in the event the banks are closed and you can’t use ATM machines. Keep it in a safe place and do not tell others about it.

  5. Have important papers and your valuables in a safe place.

  6. Have extra food and water in your house.

  7. Have an extra supply of medicines you need, if you are able to get them.

All these things will help you in the event of any natural disaster or outside attack.

You are not to be afraid as I am always with you and watching over you. Just as in the past I warn my people through my prophets to prepare them. Trust the guidance from my Holy Spirit even when it seems the opposite of what your instincts are telling you. Do not rush into a situation unless I tell you that it is safe to do so. Pray more, listen more, so that I can give you insights and peace. Keep your focus on me. The things that are about to happen have been things that have happened before in this nation.

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