• Rev. Trudy Daley

Prophetic Word - June 25, 2016

The time has come for you to begin to reevaluate your life. You go from day to day not really thinking about the way you do things just trying to get through each day and each event not realizing your choices may have eternal consequences. You have settled for things the way that they are not believing that they could be better and you could have more joy and peace. I want you to stop and take time to be quiet and ask me what I want you to do differently, and I will answer you.

Give me permission to change you and the circumstances of your life. I want you to find your destiny and walk in it. I want you to give me permission to put in your life people who will help you reach your destiny and take out people who will not. Time is of the essence for some of you. You are about to come to a crossroads and need to decide which path you are going to take.

We are about to enter a period of darkness spiritually as forces have been released to come against my children but in this time I will be at work in your lives in a greater measure. I will bring blessing out of this time. Trust me and do not turn on one another as the enemy will try to divide and conquer. My people need to be more supportive of one another and less legalistic and judgmental. There is a shift going on in the spiritual realm that will soon manifest in the world. The enemy is rejoicing but his joy will be short lived as I release a greater measure of my spirit upon the earth and my angels are ready to go to battle against these forces.

I want you to examine how you are spending your time. The more time that you spend with me and in prayer and fasting the more that I can use you to help set others free and empower them. Some of you have secret sins that the enemy is using against you but ask me and I will set you free from their grip. I am going to give my people more dreams and visions to guide and encourage them. The enemy is going to try to deceive people with false testimonies and events. Seek my guidance about what you see and hear so you will not be deceived but know the truth.

A falling away from the truth has already begun as the enemy is creating much turmoil and confusion in the world. He has everyone focused on world events and neglecting quiet time and seeking the truth. He is the father of lies and would have you believe many of them.

Remember my promises to you that you find in my Word. I keep every one of them so start finding them and let them help you to be at peace and bless you.

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